• Min Wang

A Consulting Business in China

Iwan Wuelser arrived in Shanghai and instantly knew that this is the city where he wants to expand his consulting business in. Route2China helped him to set up his business, LeapRight Consulting in China. In just 4 months, his business is operational. Our team supported him first with numerous, tedious personal administration tasks, such as, setting up WeChat Pay & Alipay accounts, acquiring a mobile phone number, opening a bank account and finding a suitable apartment. Then, we consulted him on tax regulations, registered his company and obtained the business license for him. Also thanks to Route2China’s large network, Iwan made many personal contacts, who are important for doing his business in China. Iwan is surprised and relieved that Route2China got everything done so fast and smoothly for him.

With start-up help from Route2China, Iwan Wuelser expanded his partner’s consulting business to China and founded his own company LeapRight Consulting in Shanghai in May. By June he received his business license and by the middle of September, he was fully operational. He was very pleased about how fast and smooth the whole business set up process took place. We also introduced Iwan to a local business development partner whose role is to support him in growing his business in China in the next phase. We wish Iwan and his new business in China all the best for the future!

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